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Jerry McNeal Audiobook Bundle 1 - 4

Jerry McNeal Audiobook Bundle 1 - 4

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Get the first four books of the Jerry McNeal series in one audiobook bundle!

Join Jerry McNeal And His Ghostly K-9 Partner As They Put Their Gifts To Good Use


Book 1 - Always Faithful

Call it a premonition. Call it intuition. Call it anything you like, but Pennsylvania State Trooper Jerry McNeal simply thinks of it as “that feeling.”

That feeling may come on without warning, so intense he can’t breathe.

Or, it may be a gentle nag that pulls at him until he decides to do something about it. He never quite knows what “it” is until he gets there, but when he arrives, he always knows he’s found what he is looking for.

During one of the biggest snowstorms of the year, Trooper McNeal feels that familiar stir. An unease that grows with each flake that falls. Its intensity pulls at him until Jerry has no choice but to venture out onto the treacherous roads, following an invisible pull that grips at his very soul.

Tonight, that feeling is going to take Trooper McNeal into a blizzard when the streets are supposed to be empty to save a life that would have otherwise been lost.

Only tonight, Trooper McNeal is not going alone…


Book 2 - Ghostly Guidance

Jerry McNeal didn’t ask to be born with the gift of premonition. Nor did he ask to be haunted by the ghost of a K-9 police dog that doesn’t even appear to like him. And yet, in the second book in The Jerry McNeal Series, Jerry finds himself saddled with both.

As Jerry struggles to coexist with his new ghostly companion, he must also follow the feeling that warns him of imminent danger in order to save Savannah - a psychic medium who unknowingly puts her own life at risk when she refuses to give her client bad news.

Will Pennsylvania State Trooper McNeal be able to find the dog another companion to attach itself to? Or will Jerry finally accept things he has no power to change and make a decision that will alter his life forever?


Book 3 - Rambling Spirit

Pennsylvania State Trooper Jerry McNeal thought resigning from the State Police Post would free him and Gunter - his ghostly K-9 partner - to channel their intuition for the greater good.

What he didn’t count on was just how many people would show up on his psychic radar at every turn.

What is supposed to be a brief trip to Louisville, Kentucky to take Cat to his new home becomes an extended stay the moment Jerry sees a photo of Savannah’s wife, Alex, in her police uniform.

Jerry, his PTSD ramped up, needs all of the paranormal resources at his disposal if he is going to be able to navigate a city full of seven hundred thousand tourists during Derby festivities and save the life of this police officer. With Gunter and Savannah ready to help, the race is on. But will the ex-State Trooper, psychic medium, and a ghostly dog be enough to save the day?


Book 4 - Chosen Path

Jerry McNeal has spent his life searching for answers.

Why was he born with the gift of second sight?
Why was he burdened with the ability to see ghosts?
Why did he have to be different from everyone else?

When Jerry reluctantly agrees to return to his childhood town of Newport, Tennessee for a family reunion he doesn’t want to attend, he finds himself surrounded by ghosts. Spirits, who have a message for him and are forcing the reluctant psychic medium to pay attention and follow their unsolicited advice.

Will Jerry be able to get through the family reunion without pushing away the only family he has left?

Can Jerry and his ghostly companion help the spirit of a childhood friend find peace in the afterlife?

In this fourth book of The Jerry McNeal series, join Jerry as he navigates the truth of his existence and finally discovers his chosen path.


Get four audiobooks at a discounted price!

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