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Chosen Path (Jerry McNeal Series Book Four (Autographed Copy)

Chosen Path (Jerry McNeal Series Book Four (Autographed Copy)

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Why was he born with the gift of second sight?

Why was he burdened with the ability to see ghosts?

Why did he have to be different from everyone else?

When Jerry reluctantly agrees to return to his childhood town of Newport, Tennessee for a family reunion he doesn’t want to attend, he finds himself surrounded by ghosts. Spirits, who have a message for him and are forcing the reluctant psychic medium to pay attention and follow their unsolicited advice.

Will Jerry be able to get through the family reunion without pushing away the only family he has left?

Can Jerry and his ghostly companion help the spirit of a childhood friend find peace in the afterlife?

In this fourth book of The Jerry McNeal series, join Jerry as he navigates the truth of his existence and finally discovers his chosen path.

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