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Rambling Spirit (Jerry McNeal Series) Book Three (Autographed Copy)

Rambling Spirit (Jerry McNeal Series) Book Three (Autographed Copy)

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Pennsylvania State Trooper Jerry McNeal thought resigning from the State Police Post would free him and Gunter - his ghostly K-9 partner - to channel their intuition for the greater good.

What he didn’t count on was just how many people would show up on his psychic radar at every turn.

What is supposed to be a brief trip to Louisville, Kentucky to take Cat to his new home becomes an extended stay the moment Jerry sees a photo of Savannah’s wife, Alex, in her police uniform.

Jerry, his PTSD ramped up, needs all of the paranormal resources at his disposal if he is going to be able to navigate a city full of seven hundred thousand tourists during Derby festivities and save the life of this police officer.

With Gunter and Savannah ready to help, the race is on. But will the ex-State Trooper, psychic medium, and a ghostly dog be enough to save the day?

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