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Sinister Winds (Storm Series Book Two) (Autographed Copy) *NEW RELEASE**

Sinister Winds (Storm Series Book Two) (Autographed Copy) *NEW RELEASE**

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**Note, author copies are due on May 10th and will be shipped as soon as they arrive. 


Out of the darkness of destruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina comes hope as Abby continues to find herself guided by Voodoo Priestess Pearl Duval. Pearl, a wizened Cajun woman, helps Abby stay one step ahead of the evil that seeks to get its hands on what now belongs to her and her alone—the child she now carries and the only good thing to come out of her abusive marriage to the man with the black heart.

Though Abby does not understand the reason for the woman’s help, she is more than fascinated to learn that Pearl can not only steer her in the right direction but also appear in the dreams of those in positions to help her keep her baby safe.

After finding out her life is built on a foundation of deceit, will Abby be able to live a life of truth, or will she instead find herself weaving lies to cover up a mortal sin?

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