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Spirit Of Deadwood audiobook *NEW RELEASE!*

Spirit Of Deadwood audiobook *NEW RELEASE!*

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For fans of The Jerry McNeal Series comes a full-length, standalone Jerry McNeal novel, with Jerry, Gunter and a cast of lively spirits who are sure to entertain.

When Jerry McNeal and Gunter are asked to travel to the Old West town of Deadwood, South Dakota to check out some mysterious happenings, they jump at the chance to explore the historic town. Equally exciting, Jerry and his ghostly K-9 partner soon find themselves walking the streets with legendary gunfighters and dodging the daily arrival of a phantom stagecoach that still brings age-old spirits to town.

In a story within a story, disabled Marine veteran Tyler Jones, aka Jonesy, unknowingly rents an apartment in the same historic town. Hiding in the shadow of his former self, Jonesy soon finds himself pushed out of his comfort zone by Grandma Lilly, the lively spirit of a former Deadwood madam determined to help the man realize his worth and help him heal the heart of Juanita Stim, the widowed mother who rents him a room in her house overlooking the legendary city.

When Jonesy finds out his old friend, the psychic medium, is in town, he asks Jerry to stop in and speak with the Deadwood madam to see if he can uncover what is preventing her spirit from leaving the house.

Will Jerry be able to help Madam Lillian walk the streets of Deadwood once more, or is she destined to live within the prison of her home for all of time?

A fun-filled ghostly adventure with a hint of romance, 
Spirit of Deadwood is for those who dare to believe in the unbelievable.
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