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Star Treatment (book 14) audiobook

Star Treatment (book 14) audiobook

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This 14th installment of the Jerry McNeal Series has Jerry and Gunter heading to Texas.

Along the way, Jerry finds himself dealing with unexpected visitors who challenge his patience and further test his psychic abilities.
Among the visitors is the ghostly spirit of Texas Ranger, Clive Tisdale, who is not a fan of dogs, refuses to tell Jerry why he is there, and if his presence has anything to do with Texas Ranger Raymond Hale.

Raymond Hale oversaw mob informant Antonio Maioriello until both men went missing years earlier and were presumed dead until recent weeks when Maioriello’s image started showing up in tourist photos taken outside the Alamo.

At first, this was presumed to be a camera malfunction, as no one recalled him being present at the time the photos were taken.

Then Maioriello showed up in a photo with the niece of Bruno Deluca – the man Maioriello informed on before being placed in the witness relocation program, and Deluca used his influence to demand answers.

Now, not only must Jerry locate the spirit who is causing the chaos, he must convince Bruno Deluca that Maioriello is truly dead.

Will Jerry and Gunter get to the Alamo in time to defend it from another invasion?

Will Tisdale change his stance about dogs?

Find out in 
Star Treatment – book 14 of The Jerry McNeal Series.

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