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The King of my Heart (Autographed Copy)

The King of my Heart (Autographed Copy)

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PJ Taylor is a clown at the local children’s hospital, and can often be found plodding down the halls in her size eleven shoes.

She has a caring heart and is always taking in strays. She grew up with a mom who idolizes Elvis.

While PJ herself is not a big Elvis fan, she feels compelled to stop when she sees an Elvis lookalike broken down on the side of the dark Kentucky highway in the pouring rain.

Meet Jack Parker, an Elvis tribute artist. Jack constantly has ladies throwing themselves at his feet. While fun at first, Jack wants more. He wants someone who likes him for who he is, not who he pretends to be.

Six months ago, Jack set out on a quest to find himself. In doing so, he took to living in his car. That car breaks down and Jack prays for help, a prayer that is soon answered. When Jack first lays eyes on PJ Taylor, he is frozen in his tracks.

Jack Parker, a fifth-degree black belt in karate… is terrified of clowns.

Can these opposite individuals get past their reluctance to connect so PJ can call Jack The King of My Heart?

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