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Village Shenanigans (Book Eleven)

Village Shenanigans (Book Eleven)

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In this eleventh installment of the Jerry McNeal Series, Jerry and Gunter head to The Villages in Florida to visit Jerry’s parents in hopes of getting some much-needed rest.

What Jerry expects to be a quiet visit to do some soul searching turns out to be anything but relaxing when Jerry discovers his dad, Wayne, has been boasting all over town about his psychic son and Jerry’s ghostly K-9 companion.

Jerry quickly discovers The Villages' geriatric community to be a lively cast of eccentric characters, both living and dead, all of which look upon him as their portal to contact loved ones on the other side.

Will Jerry be able to find a peaceful solution to keep his father on speaking terms with his neighbors while trying to navigate his own inner turmoil?

Will Gunter be able to resist showing himself to a town full of tenacious seniors determined to get a glimpse of the ghostly K-9?

Grab your preferred beverage, snuggle into your favorite chair and get ready to laugh out loud as Jerry and Gunter serve up a dose of hilarity in Village Shenanigans!
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