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Wicked Winds (Book Seven)

Wicked Winds (Book Seven)

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In this seventh installment of the Jerry McNeal Series, Jerry and Gunter travel to Salem, Massachusetts to track down yet another victim of the Hash Mark Killer.

Finding a ghost in a city known for its haunted past isn’t hard–finding the precise spirit they are looking for proves to be slightly more difficult. Once discovered, they must begin the tricky task of convincing the woman she truly is dead.

If things aren’t challenging enough, Jerry’s intuition has him questioning his own personal safety as he and Gunter are now on Mario Fabel’s stomping grounds.

While Fabel has not threatened him, it doesn’t take special powers to know there is more to the man than meets the eye.

Will Jerry and his ghostly K-9 partner be able to slip in and out of the area undetected, or will the man with a reach deeper than his pockets find them and make Jerry an offer he cannot refuse?

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